Vanamutti Perumal and Thirumanajcheri temple  

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  1. Keezha Thirumanancheri:

    One of 275 Devara sthalams The place is about 7 kms North of Kutthalam.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Sri Uthvagananadhar and is consort Uma Devi. (Yazhin men mozhi ammai)

    Uma Devi came out from Yagna kundam and was married to Lord Siva in this place. he place is known as Thirumanajcheri.

    Manmadham and Kulachirai Nayanar worshipped Lord Siva of this place and were blessed.

    Purana says once two persons who belong to vaisaya sect, decided to get their children married to each other and strengthen their relationship. Unfortunately the child born to a person was a Tortoise. The other person refused to give his daughter in marriage to the tortoise.

    The tortoise worshipped Lord Siva of Thirumanajcheri and was blessed by Lord.
    The tortoise attained human form as a result of its worship. Later he got married with the same girl in this place.

    Importance of this place is, people worship and pray Lord Siva, for early marriage of their son / daughter. Once the marriage is finished the married couple visits the temple to pay homage.

    Sambandhar and Navakkuarasar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

  2. Kodihathi perumal temple:

    This temple is in a village known as Kodikuthi about 3 kms north of Moovaloore, and 8 kms from Mailaduthurai to Kumabakonam route. The temple dates to some 2000 years.

    Main deity is Viswaroopa Sreenivasa perumal in Atthi maram.(Fig tree) known as Vanamutti Perumal

    Perumal is seen here with Thulasi mala and Sri Lakshmidevi to his chest.

    We see Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar also. Sree Sreenivasa perumal is seen with Shanku, Chakkra, Gadha and Abhya hastham.

    The roof of main sanctum is in the shape of an umbrella, which is known as Chattra Vimanam. Pushkarani is known as Viswaroopa pushkarani. They do not perform abishekam for the main deity Sreenivasa perumal.

    Purana of the temple: Pipala Muni suffered from Leprosy. He worshipped Lord to get rid of his ailment. One day he received Mantra deeksa from a Maharishi who asked him to worship Maha Vishnu. Piplar did as he was told.

    One day he had a dream in which Lord Vishnu told him the reason for his leprosy. He was a king in his previous birth and he killed, so he is suffering from Leprosy in this birth. He asked him to take a dip in all sacred teertham, and the day he is relieved of his leprosy, Lord would give darshan to him. He asked him to take the help of Marga sagayeswarar.

    Piplar had dip in all teertham on his way and worshipped temples. He reached Moovaloore and he had a dip in the pushkarani and worshipped Lord Margasagayeswarar. Lord Siva was pleased with his worship and asked him to travel in north direction from there.

    Piplar proceed towards north direction, as he was asked by Lord Siva. When he had a dip in River cauvery, he was relieved of his Leprosy and he became healthy. He felt happy and he went towards an atthi maram which was nearby.

    There he saw Perumal in Viswaroopam, with Sanku, Chakkra, gadha and Abhaya hastham with Sree lakshmi residing to his chest.

    Other deity is Hanuman with his tail curled to head and a bell is hanging at the tip of the tail. They say we can hear different sounds from Hanuman sculpture when you knock him.

kutthalam, mailaduthurai.  

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Kutthalam There are three Siva temples here. We visited Sozheeswarar Temple and Kaleeswarar temple. We missed the Devara sthalam temple in this place.

  1. Sozheeswarar temple

    The temple has big Raja gopuram, with three prakarams. As we enter we see a Dwajasthambam and as we go around we see Vinayakar, Dakshina moorthy, Lingothbawar, Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar.

    Main deity is swayambu lingam known as Sozheeswarar. Goddess is seen in a separate temple as we go around the prakaram.
  2. Kaleeswarar Temple.

    This is another temple of Lord Siva in Kutthalam. The main raja gopuram is of five storeys and three prakaram.

    Main deity is swayambu lingam known as Kaleeswarar and his consort Ananda valli Amman.
  3. Thiru Velvikudi:

    This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalams. The place is about 2 kms to Kutthalam. The main raja gopuram is of three storeys with two prakarams.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Manavaleeswarar and his consort Parimala sugandha Nayaki ammai. Pushkarani is Mangala teertham.

    Purana says Parvathy made lingam out of mud and worshipped him for sixteen weeks and got married to Lord Siva in this place.
    Marriage of a prince was stopped, due to the death of brides parents. The prince penanced and worshipped Lord Siva of this place. Lord Siva was pleased with his prayers and he asked his booth ganjas to bring the girl who was fixed previously as a bride and got them married.

    Importance: Sundara moorthy nayanar was cured from leprosy by having a dip in Agni teetham, which is pushkarani of this temple and worshipped Lord Siva. There is no Dwajastham in this temple.

    One can be relived of all navagraha dosha in this place because Lord Siva and Parvathy's marriage took place here. All preliminary yagam for the marriage was performed here by Brahma in this place.

    The sthala purana says by visiting and praying to Lord Siva here all the hurdles for the delay in marriage gets cleared. On every full moon day yagam is performed in the temple for devotees who come for prayers with marriage ceremony.

    Sambandhar and Sundarar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

Kotheswara temple, contonment, secunderabad  

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  1. Kotheswar temple:

    The temple is in Secunderabad Cantonment area about 10 kms from Secunderabad Station.The temple is in a very calm atmosphere and beautiful surrounding.

    TheSiva Lingam here is a very old one and it looks something different from normal Lingam we see.

    It’s a rock temple and the main sanctum looks like a cave. There are two main doors one to east and the other to east side.

    To east side entrance we see a Hanuman with Sanjeevi parvath carved to stone.

    We see a decorated nandi in front of the Lord Siva.
    The Siva lingam is too small and it is a bit low from the floor.

    Within the main sanctum we see sculpture carved to rock. There are steps which lead to the top of main sanctum hall.

    There is a huge hall in front to accomadate the devotees who visit during sivarathri festival.

    There is a big tree to which we see many bells hanging. They say those are tied by the trainees once they finish training period. Under the tree we see small Yama sculpture.

    There is a seperate sanctum for Durga matha. The sculpture is of marble.

    The cadets have made a replica of temple like Amarnath. Cave, and inside we see a lingam of ice.

  2. The History written on a board at the temple premises:

    The history of Kotheswara Temple of 1EME centres is unique temple in twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The temple is located on a hillock at a height of 50meters.

    The history of Koteshwar temple dates back to a century and has a in Siva puranam which refers to Swayambu Siva lingam formed 9 lakhs years ago.

    The history says in this area of Kotheswara temple there was a quarry in which number of labourers employed for breaking stones. One day the Siva lingam was found when they were working. A small temple was built for Lord Siva.

    The Siva Lingam in the temple is the same one which was mentioned in Siva puranam.

    The temple was then surrounded by wild vegetation and dense forest. Number of saints lived and worshipped Lord Siva here.

    In 1953 No1EME shifted from Banglore to Secunderabad, and a promotion cadre Company was formed. The trainees of promotion Cadre Company re-established,
    this old temple. Bajans, keerthans, and worship were done here. They developed the surroundings area of the temple and constructed the south side steps leading to temple.

    In 1966 the Driving Training Battalion of 1EME centre shifted to this existing location. The small temple was renovted and re- constructed.

    In 1985 a massive project was under-taken to give a new look to the temple. Number of additions and alterations were done. The entire project was undertaken by the staff, trainees and recruits of 4, Training battalion on voluntary basis. The finance was raised by the daily offerings made by devotees.

    Sivarathry festival is celebrated in a grand scale.

Keezhayoor, Kuthalam  

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  1. Keezhayoor:

    This is one of 275 Devara sthalam.

    The place Therazhundur is about 4 kms south of Kuthalam. Kezhayoor is to east of Therazhundur.

    As we enter there is a Dwajasthambam with Ganesha in it. As we proceed going around the prakaram we see Adi sivan, gajalakshmi, Valli, Devanai and Subramanyar, Navagraha, Bairavar, Vinykar and Siva Lingams, and Three valamburi Vinayakar.

    We enter into main sanctum of main deity, Swayambu Lingam known as Vedapureeswarar and his consort Soundarambikai. Vilvam is the Sthala vruksham and Veda teertham is the temple Pushkarani. Goddess Soundrambikai is in different temple, inside the main temple.

    Vedas worshipped Lord Siva in this place hence the name Vedapureeswarar. He is also known as Athyabakeswarar. Athyabakar means teacher, and they say he taught veda here hence the name.

    As we go around the inner round of the main sanctum we see Dakshina moorthy, Lingothbavar, Durgai as koshta devathas and chandikeswarar in small sanctum.

    Importance: Here goddess Soundara nayaki is important. Therazhundur sthalam is important. There are certain temples which are considered as Thirumana sthalams out of which Therazhundur is one.

    Purana says Ambikai lived as a cow in earth at Thiruvavaduthurai, perumal as a person who takes care of the cow. He saw his sister Parvathy , who was like a cow as a girl at Therazhundur. She was brought up by Baratha muni at Thirunthurthy. Marriage yagam of Parvathy and Lord Siva took place at Velvikudi , and the marriage at Thirumanancheri.

    Since parvathy took the form of a girl, with Soundaryam {Beauty} at this place Therazhundur it is considered important. Ambal in this place is very beautiful.

    Purana: Agasthya muni worshipped Lord Siva of this place. Once King Urthuvaradhan, was passing through the place, in air on his chariot add did not noticed Agyasthiya muni worshipping Lord Siva. The chariot was not able to move further, hence the place was known as Therazhundur.

    Devas, Ashtadik balakars, Vedas and muni’s worshipped Lord Siva of this place, and were blessed. Gyana Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this Place.

    There are stone inscriptions belonging to 3rd Kulothanga chola period.

Therazhundur Perumal temple.  

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  1. Therazhundur: Krishna Kshetram.

    One of 108 Divya Desam temple
    The place is about 21 Kms from Mailaduthurai. The main Raja gopuram is three storeys with two prakaram.

    Main deity is “Devathirajan” in standing posture facing east. We see Garuda and Prahaladhan to one side and Goddess Cauveri, to other side of Lord inside the main sanctum.“Chengkamala valli thayar” is seen in different sanctum.

    There is a big tank seen in front of the temple known as “Darshna Pushkarani“.

    This is only Divya Desam temple where we see him as Lord Krishna. Urchavar is known as Amuruviappan. He has four hands and seen with Rukamani and Sathyabama. There is a cow seen standing beside him.

    Other deities seen in the temple as we go around are “yoga Narashimar, Vasudevar, Vishwaksenar, Desikar, Sri Ramar, Hanuman, Andal and Azwars” in different sanctums.

    Purana: when Agasthiya muni was worshipping Lord Devathirajan here, King Urthuvaradhan was passing on his chariot in air and the chariot got stuck and the place was known as Therazhundur from then on.

    Once Brahma took away the cow heard of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna knew about it he created cows with the help of Mayasakthi. Brahma when he saw this he was ashamed for his act and asked Kannan to forgive him. He requested Kannan to stay back in this place and bless him. So Kannan is seen here as Amuruviappan.

  2. Kambar Mani Mandapam:

    This is the birth place of the poet Kambar. The house where he stayed is known as Kambarmedu.

  3. Ranganadhar Temple

    There is another perumal temple near by this temple for Ranganadhar.

    Main deity is Ranganadhar and his consort Ranganayaki Thayar.
    Ranganadhar is seen in colours relaxing on Adiseshan. We see Brahma on lotus from his naval. Thayar Sridevi and Bhoodevi are seen near his feet.

Kshetra Bala Puram, Tanjore District.  

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  1. Kshetra bala Puram:

    The temple is 2 kms from Kutthalam of Tanjavoor district, and the place is known as Kshetra bala Puram.

    Main deity is Bairavar known as Ananda Kala Bairavar. Normally Bairavar seems to be ugra swaroopam but, in this place he got rid of his Brahma hathi dosha and he is in a happy state of mood. The only separate temple for Bairavar in south India is the place Kshetra Bala Puram.

    The temple is a small one facing west. We see Swetha Vinayakar in the temple. Bairavar has Kapalam, Soolam, Pasam and damarukam in his four hands. Nandi is seen facing Kala Bairavar. There is a well inside the compound.

    Purana says, once Brahma thought he is equal to Lord Siva since he had five heads like him. He started abusing Lord Siva, who asked Rudhra to remove the fifth head of Brahma. Rudhara took the form of Bairavar and removed the head of Brahma, by which Brahma realized his mistake. Due to this act Biravar got Brahma hathi dosha.

    Bairavar requested Lord Siva to show him the way to get rid of his brahamahathi dosha. Lord Siva told him he will be relieved of his dosha, by going to Bhoolokam and ask for Biksha there. Bairavar did as he was told and when he reached the place Thiruvalanchuzhi, he got rid of his Brahma hathi dosha.

    There he worshiped Swetha Vinayakar who asked Bairavar to throw the soolam in his hand to eastern side. Vinayakar asked him to stay in that place where his soolam fell, and bless mankind. The place where soolam fell was known as Kshetra Balapuram. Kala Bairavar was known as Kshetra Balakar here.

Moovalore temple, Mailaduthurai.  

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The next few posts are about, Temples of Mailaduthurai, Seergazhi and few temples to Nanilam district.

  1. Moovaloore: This is a Devara Vaippu Sthalam.

    The place is about 8 kms SW of Mailaduthurai. This place Muvaloore is known as Pungavana Kshetram. The temple has a Main Raja gopuram is of five storey with two prakaram.

    Main Deity: Swayambu Lingam known as Margasahayesar and his consort Soundraya Nayaki Amman. There is one more goddess seen in the outer prakaram known as Anjal nayaki, Mayelambal.

    Punga is sthala vruksham for the temple. River cauveri, Durga Pushkarani and Chandra pushkarani is considered as teertham for this temple.

    Importance is Lord Siva worshipped himself in this place Moovaloore. Lord Vishnu and Brahma worshipped Siva Lingam here hence the place is known as Moovaloore.

    AfterMahisha vadham, to get rid of her Akora roopam ambal, penenced here and worshipped Lord Siva, to get back her original qualities. She was called as Soundraya Nayaki and Lord Siva married her.

    Once when Lord Siva was teaching about Veda agamam (rules) Parvathy was distracted by Peacock’s dance. She was cursed by Lord Siva, who asked her to penance in this place. She took the form of peacock and worshipped Lord Siva and was blessed by him. Hence we see Ambal as Mayelambal here in different sanctum.

    Purana says asura brothers Vidhuenmali, Tharakashan, and Kamalakshan, penenced, as a result received three fort which can take them to anywhere they wished. The three given to them was made of Gold, silver and Iron. Once they acquired, the power they started troubling every human being including Devas.

    Rishi’s and Devas requested Lord Siva to find a solution for asura’s behavior. Lord Siva decided to fight with asura’s, and everyone contributed themselves in modeling a chariot for him to go to battle field and face them.

    The war started, and when Lord Siva was about to aim arrow at asura, everyone started thinking with their help, Lord will be able to kill them. Siva knew this and he wanted to teach them a lesson. Without using any weapon he destroyed them into ashes. Except Lord Vishnu and Brahma everyone were destroyed.

    Both Lord Vishnu and Brahma realised their mistake, and wanted to do get rid of Siva’s anger they worshpped Lord Siva who was pleased, and asked them to worship Siva lingam in this place under punga tree.

    They did not find any Siva Lingam and once again they pleaded, Lord Siva to help them. They saw Siva as Rudhara moorthy and followed him who showed them the Swayambu Siva lingam, hidden under the punga tree.

    Once again they requested Rudra to teach them the procedure to worship Lord Siva. Rudra did the pooja for Siva lingam here and later Lord Vishnu and Brahma did pooja.

    Since, Rudra, Lord Vishnu and Brahma worshipped here it was named as Moovaloore.

    Sundarar, Navakku Arasar and sekizar sang hymns on Lord siva.
    There are stone inscription of chola, Pandya and Vijayanagar dynasty.

Pancha mukha Hanuman, Rameswaram.  

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  1. Kodumaloore: Murugan Temple.

    This temple is in Kamudhi of Ramanadh District

    Main deity is Swayambu Murugan in standing posture of 4’ height.
    There is only a single hall and we see Murugan standing on the floor. There is an arch seen on the main road to guide. They say the temple is very old one and nothing much is known about the temple.

  2. Pancha mukha Anjaneyar:

    This is a small temple in Rameswaram.

    Main Deity is Pancha Mukha Hanuman with two hands. They have applied sindhoor on Hanuman. He holds Gadha in his right hand.

    Purana: Once an Asura named Mayil Ravana took away the Sudarshna Chakkra from Lord Vishnu. Anjaneyar knew about it and he wanted to get the Sudarshana Chakkra from Mayil Ravana and give that to Lord Vishnu. Mayil Ravana was powerful person who can change his form as he wished.

    Vishnu wanted to help Hanuman, who was going to face Mayil Ravana.

    By the blessings of Lord Vishnu, Hanuman was blessed with Lions face of Narashima Avatara, another one of Garuda which can fly if needed, another one is Hayagreeva’s face along with its powers, fourth one was face of Varaha, and the fifth one is Hanuman face itself.

    Parvathi gave Hanuman Lotus flower as her blessing and Yama Dharma his Pasam (weapon) to Hanuman.

    With the blessings of everyone Hanuman was able to defeat Mayil Ravana and get the Sudarhna Chakkra back.

    In Kali yuga by worshipping Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar, one can get rid of enemies with the help of Narashima mukha, With the help of garuda, one can overcome all types of Dosha, Varaha mukha helps to get all types of wealth, and Hayagreeva will give gyana and this will help in attracting others.we build up courage and confidence in us.

    Here in the same temple we see the stones which Hanuman used for building the bridge to Sri Lanka. These stones are heavy but they are seen floating in the water. On every stone we see Rama Namam.

Kayathuru, Thirunelveli.  

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  1. Kayatharu:

    This place is about 30 Kms from Thirunelveli on NH to Madurai.

    Veera Pandya Kattabomman statue.

    This is the place where, the great Veera Pandya Kattabomman was hanged to death.

    He sowed the seed for Freedom and earned the Eternal Fame. He had devotion to Lord Murugan. He was a courageous person, who never bowed before the then collectors.

  2. Kayathuru: Siva temple.

    The temple is as old as 1200 years, situated on the banks of River Gajatharu. Now the present name is known as Kayathuru.

    Main deity: Swayambu Lingam known as Kodanda Rameswarar and his consort Ananda Valli. This is a small temple with single prakaram.

    As we enter in we see Ganesha and 63 Nayanmars to one side. There is a stone sculpture of Nataraja with Sivakami Ammai. Near by to side we see Karaikal ammai and to the other side Patanjali Muni.

    Subramanya Swamy with Valli and Devani is seen in separate sanctum. Saneeswarar is seen with Avudiar, on his vahana Crow. This is something unique about this temple.
    Navagrah’s are seen separately here.

    Purana says Sri Rama on his way to Sri Lanka worshipped Lord Siva of this place and obtained Kodandam (Bow) from Lord Siva, and was blessed by him. Hence the name for the deity is Kodanda Rameswarar.

    King Raja Shekara Pandyan of Manapadai Veedu was blessed by Lord Siva of this place. The King used to visit the temple of Madurai Sunderaseswarar frequently. As year passed he was finding it difficult to visit the temple and he prayed. Siva was pleased and he wanted to help his devotee. King heard an Akashwani to worship Rameswarar at Kayatharu which is closer to his place. King did so and he renovated the temple.

    After a long time, (more than 100 years) now the temple is been renovated by devotees recently and well maintained. All poojas are performed properly by the committee members with the help of Poojari.

Nellaiappar temple, Thirunelveli Town.  

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  1. Thirunelveli; Nellaiappar temple.

    One of 275 Devara sthalam

    The place is about 145 kms from Madurai on the banks of River Thamirabarani.

    Main deity is swayambu Lingam known as Nelliappar, Venuvaneswarar, and his consort Kanthimathi ammai.

    The whole town was of bamboo trees and the place is known as Venuvanam. Bamboo is the sthala vruksham of the temple. There are four pushkarani within the temple premises.

    Purana says Vedas are in the form of Bamboo tree, and Lord Siva is linga form under the tree as per their request.
    Thirumal, Brahma, Sri Rama and Agastiyar worshipped Lord Siva of this place and were blessed.

    Agastiyar had the darshan of Lord Siva’s marriage in this place.
    Nataraja Sabha of this place is known as “Thamira sabha”. Sambandhar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this place.

    There is a separate temple for Kanthimathi ammai . Both the temples are connected by a mandapam known as Sangili mandapam which was constructed by Rama pandayan and later developed by seer Nedumaran in 7th century AD.
    Stone inscriptions in the temple are to Chola, Pandaya and Nayakar period.

    Purana says Ramakonar used to supply milk for palace passing through the Venuvanam,(bamboo)

    Many times when he was passing though the Venuvanam the bamboo used to obstruct and he used to drop the pot of milk. One day he tried to cut the bamboo tree with axe and the blood started oozing out. He was stunned and reported to king.

    The King visited the place and thought this was one of the leela which lord has performed, he prayed to lord Siva to reveal himself. Lord Siva appeared in Linga form and later the temple was constructed by the king.