Thiruvaheendi puram, Arulmigu Devanatha Perumal Koil. Cuddlore.  

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Thiruvaheendi puram: Arulmigu Devanatha Perumal Koil.   Cuddlore.

The place Thiruvheendara puram is about 3kms from Cuddlore towards Banrutti. It is about 25 Kms from Chidambaram.
This Temple in this place is one of 108 Divya Desam temples.

Dwajasthambam of the temple.

Main Deity:  Devanadha Perumaal in standing posture facing east. Markendeyar and Boodevi Thayar seen to either side of perumaal. Thayar here known as Sengamala Thayar.

Urchavar here known as Achudan

Teertham in this place is known as Garuda Teertham. This was brought by Garuda, hence the name. Due to the curse of a Rishi the water is red in colour during the Rainy Season

Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam.

As we go around the prakaram we see sanctums, of Vinayakar, Garudan, Ramar, Andal, Raja Gopalan, Azwar, and Desikar.

Steps leading uphill to Hayagreevar Temple.

Sthala Purana says When Lord Hanuman was carrying Sanjeeva Parvatham a piece fell here in this place. It has plants of herbal value and hence the part of Sanjeeva Parvatham is known as Oushada Malai.

Lord Brahma penance and worshiped Lord here hence the name Brahmachalam.

Temple corridor.

Lord Lakshmi Hayagreevar resides on this hill. Here we see Goddess Lakshmi seated on the right lap of Lord Hayagreevar which is unusual. There is a separate sanctum for Desikar.

Asura's fought with Deva's who sought the help of Lord Vishnu in this place which is known as Oushada Malai. Asuras worshiped Lord Brahma who asked them to seek the help of Lord Siva. When Deva's were defeated by Asuras, Lord Vishnu used Chakkaraudham against Asura’s. Asura’s were defeated by Lord Vishnu, who appeared before them as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Since Lord Vishnu acted as captain for Deva's hence, he is known as Devadhana Perumal. Lord Stayed back in this place known as Thiru Aheendra puram. The town was planned by Adiseshan hence the name Thiru Aheenrapuram.

Purana says perumal asked Garuda to fetch water for his thirst. Garuda was delayed and Adiseshan made a spring by hitting his tail on the ground and gave water to Perumaal and the spring is known as Sesha Teertham. Devotees worship the well by offering Jaggery, salt and pepper to get rid of their illness and suffering. This is a parihara sthalam for Ragu and Kethu.

Indra, Lord Brahma, Bhoomadevi, Markendeya, and Brugu Maharishi performed penance in this place. Acahrya Desikan resided her and wrote books. The house he resided here is known as Desikan Thiru maligai. There is an idol for Desikan in the temple.

Thirumangai Azwar and Acharya Desikan sung Hymns about the glory of Devanadha Perumaal 

Thiru Koodalaiyatroor, Arulmigu Vallabeswarar Temple, Kattumannar Koil, Cuddlore District.  

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Thiru Koodalaiyatroor:   Arulmigu Nardhana Vallabeswarar Temple.

The place is about 20 kms from Chidambaram and about 8 kms from Sri Mushnam, near the confluence of River Vellaru and River Manimuthuaru.This is one of the Devara Sthalam of Nadu Nadu Temples.

The main Raja Gopuram is of three storeys. The main sanctum Vimanam is of two stages. We have to climb few steps to reach a mandapam.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Nerikattu Nadhar / Arulmigu Nardhana Vallabeswarar and his consort known as Gyana Sakthy and Parasakthy in two different sanctums. In the month of Chittirai 1 to 3, Sun rays falls on Siva lingam.

We see Nandi in the Prakaram.

Natarajar, Amudha Vinayakar, Viswanadhar, Arumugar, Lord Vishnu, Gyana Sakthy and Amudha Sakthy Sanctums are seen. Here in this temple we see only Saneeswarar sanctum. Here he is known as Pongu Sani. Navagrams is not seen here. There is a sanctum for Chitraguptar.

Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathy penance here in this place and were blessed by Lord Siva who gave darshan and danced for them, hence the name Nardhana Vallabeswarar. The temple is near the confluence of two Rivers Vellaaru and Manimuthaaru hence the name Koodalayatroor for this place

Kallala Vruksham is sthala Vruksham of this temple.

Terrtham in this place is Brahma, Agasthya, Kathyayanar, River Vellaaru and River Manimuthaaru.  


Sculpture seen to the temple wall.

Sthala purana says the Chola Raja by name King Dinakaran suspected his wife and killed his queen. Due to his act he got Brahmahathi Dosham. He left the kingdom and wandered like a lunatic. One day he saw a dog with skin disease was following him. As they were passing by River bank the dog jumped into the River and when it came out the dog was cured of all its skin disease. The King saw this and he also did the same and got relieved t of Brahmahathi Dosha. He got back his Kingdom and constructed a temple for Lord Siva near the confluence of two rivers River Vellaaru and River Manimuthaaru here.

Over a period the temple was sunk and the idols were lost. Goddess appeared in the dream of the priest and told him about the presence of the idols in the River. Priest did as he was told and found the idols. He constructed temple and installed the idols.

Sage Agasthya had a son by name Karthyanan who was also a great Rishi like his father. Agasthyar worshiped Lord Siva here for daughter. Sage found a Girl baby playing on lotus leaf in River Manimuthaaru. He brought the child to his place and named her as Ambujavalli. During the Varaha Avatara of Lord Vishnu, saw His consort Lakshmi Devi as Ambujavalli and married Her. We find a shrine for Lord Vishnu here.

Sundarar sang Hymns on Lord Siva of this temple.

Thiru Erukkattham pulior / Thiru Kumaraswamy Temple. Rajendra Pattinam, cuddlore District.  

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Thiru Erukkattham pulior / Thiru Kumaraswamy Temple:

The place is about 12 kms south of Vrudhachalam. The temple is one of the Nadu Nadu Devara Sthalam. This place is birth place of Thiru Neela kanda Yazhpanar who is one of the 63 nayanmars.

The Main Raja gopuram is of five storeys. There are two prakarams in the temple.

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Thiru Kumaresar / Swetharanyeswarar facing east and his consort known as Veeraamulai Amman / Abinna Kusa Nayaki seen in separate sanctum. Here the rays of Sun fall on Lord Siva from March 16 to 20.

Sthala Vruksham is Vellerrukku plant. The Errukku plant has medicinal value of curing Leprosy.

Here Teertham is known as Gandha, Sengkazhuneer and Neela Teertham.

As we go around the inner prakaram, we see sanctum of Siddhi Vinayakar, Nardhana Vinayakar, Subramanyar seen with Valli and Devasenai , Kasi Viswanadhar, Visalakshi Amman, Lakshmi, Narayanar, Dakshina murthy, Chatta nadhar, Brahma, Chandikeswarar, Arunachaleswarar, Nalvar, Sooryan, Bairavar, Saneeswarar and Navagraham.

We see Thiruneelakanda Yazhpanar and Madhangasulamani Ammai sculptures in the outer prakaram.

Sthala Purana says Deva Ganas worshiped Lord Siva, to know about the sacred Siva Sthalam where one can attain Mukthi. Lord Pazhamalai Nadhar said Urukattham Pulioor. Deva Ganas came to this place and worshiped Lord Siva, hence the place is known as Ganesuram. 

King of Madhurapuri stayed in this place and worshiped Lord Siva to bless him with a child. By Lords grace he was with blessed with child who was named as Rajendran hence the place is known as Rajendra Pattinam.

A Brahmin was penancing for Lord Siva’s blessings in this place, for sake of a child. Here, when  a Tiger was about to attack the Brahmin, a hunter killed the animal. Due to the good deed, he was born as sage with Tigers feet, and he worshiped Lord Siva of this place and the place is known as Pulioor.

King Suvedhan who was ardent devotee of Lord Siva was infected with Leprosy due to his past sins. The King had dip in the pushkarani of this temple and worshiped Lord Siva here. The king was relieved of Leprosy. 

Once, Lord Siva was preaching about the meaning of Vedas and Agamas to Goddess Parvathy Devi in Kailash. Parvathy Devi was not very attentive about what Lord Siva was preaching. She was punished for this act to be born on Earth. Lord Murugan did not like this and in anger he threw the Vedas in sea. Lord Siva cursed him for his act to be born dumb in trader’s community. Lord Murugan in the name of Rudrasanman was born dumb by birth to Talapathy and Gunasalini. When he grew old he visited many Siva temples seeking relief. When he visited this place Erukkatham Pulior and worshiped Lord Siva here, who blessed him with speaking skills. Hence the Lord here is known as Arulmigu Thiru Kumaresar. There is an idol for Rudrasanman in this temple.

Gyana Sambandhar, Sundarar and Thiru Navukkarasar sang hymns on Lord Siva of this temple. Arunagiri Nadhar sang Thitupugazh on Lord Murugan.

Kolanji Appar Temple. Manvala Nallore, Vrudhachalam. Cuddlore Dt.  

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Kolanji Appar Temple.  

The place Manavala Nallore is about 2 kms from Vrudhachalam and about 25 kms from Chidambaram.

Main arch of Kolanji appar Temple.

Main Gopuram of Kolanji appar Temple.

Main Deity Kolanji Appar is Swayambu Murthy having no form. We see 3 feet Bali Peetam in the sanctum as presiding Deity. Here below the Bali Peetam, we see a Chakkra carved in stone with Satakshara Mantra of Lord Murugan. All Abishekam and Pooja is performed to the Bali Peetam

Sthala Vruksham is Kolanji tree, and River Manimuthaaru

Lord Vinyakar, seen under the Banian Tree.

In the Maha Mandapam we see two separate sanctums with different Vimanam, for Lord Vinayakar and Kolanji Appar facing east.  Other Deities seen in the temple are we see Muniappar adjacent to the mandapam. As we go around the temple we see separate shrines for Idumban and Kadamban behind the temple. Veeranar is seen near the mandapam facing east.

Devotees who come here write their wishes or grievances in a paper and address it to Manavla Nallore kolanji appar and deliver it to priest to place it near the feet of Lord. This is known as Pradhu Kattudhal in Tamil. It should contain all details of the devotee and the purpose of their prayer should be clearly mentioned.

Priest will do pooja and hand over the slip along with Vibuthi. This slip should be tied to the Vel in front of Muniappa shrine. It is believed the wishes are fulfilled within 90days.

Sthala Purana: 

When Sundarar visited Vrudhachalam he did not sing the glory of Lord Siva in this place. He left the place after normal worship. Lord Siva and Goddess wanted to hear songs from Sundarar. Lord Murugan approached Sundarar as a hunter and took away all his belongings. When Sundarar asked him to give back his things, Lord Murugan asked Sundarar to return back to Vrudachalam. Now Sundarar realized it was Lord Siva's Leela and he returned back to Vrudhachalam and sang Hymns on Lord Siva and got back his belongings.

It is the hunter Murugan who graced Sundarar, is the Swayambu Murthy residing here as Kolanjiappar near Vrudchalam.

Cheyyur Kandaswamy Temple.  

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Cheyyur: Lord Murugan / Kandaswamy.

The place is about 25 kms south of Maduranthagm. The place is known as Jayam Konda Nallore, Valava puri, and Veera Rajendra puram also.

The temple has two prakaram.

Main Deity is Arumugan seen in standing posture with his conserts Valli and Devaani.
He is also known as Kandha Swamy.

To SW corner, we see the sanctum of Muthu Kumara Swamy also known as Samhara Murthy.

To the south side we see Urchava Mandapam. Here, Sri. Somanadha Swami is seen with his concert Goddess Meenakshi Ammai.

Water from the Chetti kulam pushkarani is used for the Abishekam of Deities presiding in the temple.

Other Deities seen in the prakaram are Chandeeswarar, Vinayakar, Kailasa Nadhar, Sivanandha Valli, Brahma Vishnu, Veerabagu Devar, Dhandapani, Chandra Devar and BalaNayakar.

Sculptures seen to the wall

Here in this temple unique feature is, we see to the inner side of compound wall, 27 Boodha Gana Vedalam with their hands lifted up, representing 27 Nakshtram worshiping Lord Murugan.

Here special pooja is performed on day of Ashtami Thithi which comes after full-moon day. This day is considered important for Bairavar worship. Bairavar is the only person who can control Vedalam

There is a belief among people residing in that region, by worshipping Lord Bairavar on Ashtami Thithi; their wishes are conveyed by Lord Bairavar to Lord Arumugan. There wishes are fulfilled by Lord Arumugan.

We see Nava Vinayakar worshipped by Navagrahas outside the temple.

Arunagiri Nadhar sang Thirupugazh on Lord Murugan. 

There are other Books which convey about the greatness `of Arumughan are Cheyur Murugan Pillai Thamizh, Cheyur Kalpagam, Cheyur Murugan Ulaa, and Cheyur Murugan Pdhiga kovai.

In this place there is a temple for Lord Siva Known as Puttridang Kondaar Temple and Kariya Mannikakam Perumal Temple