Temples of Mahabub nagar district  

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Our trip was to temples in Mahabub nagar District. All the temples which, we visited were shifted from near by villages to the present location. It’s not only the deity, but the whole structure of the temple is shifted. No words to appreciate the work done. All temples belong to Kakathiya period of 12th century. Every temple construction is of stone.

  1. Madhava swamy temple:

    Location: Kollapur of Mahabub nagar district, Andhara Pradesh.

    Route: Hyderabad, Jadcherla, Nagarkarnool, Kollapur and Jataprolu is one route. The other one is Karnool, Pebair, Jataprolu, Somasilla and Kollpur. The distance is about nearly 180 kms from Hyderabad.

    Main deity is Lord Krishna known as Madhava perumal.

    The complete structure of the temple is shifted from near by village to Kollapur which was feared to submerge in water. When somasilla project was under taken, it was shifted to this place, 25 years back from its original place.

    We see a huge gopuram with full of sculpture and huge front door. As we enter we see a stone pillar in front of the dwajasthambam full of sculpture. There is a small sanctum for garudazwar and Mandapam with pillars is seen. Radha, Rukmani and Madhava perumal is seen in main sanctum. Beautiful sculpture is to the celing of mandapm.

  2. Somasilla:

    Someswra swamy and his consort Goddess Lalitha.

    Distance: This place is 8kms from Kollapur.

    Main Deity: Someswara swamy is surrounded by 12 jyothir lingas here.
    The complete temple is stone structure. Endowment board has taken the temples.
    If proper care is taken it can become good tourist spot.

    As we enter inside we see Veerabadharar to right. It’s a huge mandapam with pillars and we see eight jyothirlingas in different sanctum. Mahishasura mardhini sculpture is seen, they say if one keeps jaggery near the goddess and pray they are bestowed with child.

    Goddess Lalitha is outside the mandapam to the side in different sanctum. We see Srichakra of stone in front of Lalitha matha. As we go around the main sanctum we see the other 4 jyothir lingas. It’s really exiting, to have the darshan of all 12 jyothir lingas in one place.

  3. Jataprolu: Madhana Gopala swamy.

    Distance: This place is about 6kms from Somasilla.

    Main deity: Venu madhavar along with Radha and Rukmani about 5’ height.
    The place is where Jatayu fought with Ravana while he kidnapped Sita.

    This temple is also, shifted from its original place. We see medium size gopuram. As we enter, we see Dwjasthambam and big mandapam with pillars beautifully sculptured. Since the whole structure is stone its cool inside.

    We cross two level of mandapam to main sanctum and the deity is Venugopala swamy with Radha and Rukmani. The temple has entrance to four sides and we see pyol to three sides. We see Andal in separate sanctum.

  4. We see about 20 separate sanctums of Lord Siva which are shifted from neighbouring villages near Madhavaperumal temple.

    All the temples are to endowement board. They are kept in a vast area which can be maintined in a better way to attract public. It’s to the other side of the road and we have an entrance arch built. We see a tomb sort of thing on which we get the names list of temple deities present in the place.

    The main temple is Agneeswarar. The deities and the temple are in good condition. The real fact is no one to perform daily pooja to god which hurts us.

    The other deities seen here are Veerabadhreswara swamy, Ramalingeswara swamy, Rajajeswara swamy, Chaturvedaeswara swamy, shambulinga swamy, Visweswara swamy, Bheemaseswara swamy, kaleeswara swamy, Anantha padmanabha Swamy, Gangadhareswara swamy, Bairavar, Sambasiva swamy, Maleswara swamy, Uma maheswara swamy, Madhana gopala swamy, Mallikarjuna swamy, Venugopala swamy, Jateswara swamy and Madhavaperumal.

Someswara Swamy temple and Jain temple.  

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  1. Kulipaka Someswara Swamy temple:

    The place is now known as Kolusupaka. the temple is Veera saiva Kshetram in Aleru mandal, Nalgonda District, AP. Its about 80 kms from Hyderabad city. 6kms from Aleru.

    The temple is very old one and there are stone inscriptions of kings who have donated lands, cow, gold etc, to the temple during the period 1070-1126 for maintanance and nithya pooja. Chalukya architecture decorates the structure of the temple.

    The main deity is Swayambu linga known as Someswara lingam and his consort goddess sakthi matha chandikamba. The temple is taken care by Veera saiva dharma samsthapanam. Veera Saiva lingodhbawa moorthy is seen at the back of Someswara swamy inside the main sanctum.

    Moon worshipped Siva of this place to get rid of his curse by Guru. Naradha, Rama, Agyasthaya muni, and others have worshipped siva of this place. We see many idols in the temple as a proof.

    The temple is full of carved stones and pillars with stone carvings in three segments. First we see a Maha Dwaram with Kakathiya style.

    We see Ganesha near the entrance to one side and a Nandi in lower level to the ground. As we enter there is Dwajasthambam with nandi at the top. Hanuman is there to the front of dwajasthamba. Ganapathy and subramanya swamy is seen to either side near Hanuman.

    From the main entrance to the second segment we have a big corridor on either sides with full of beautiful sculptures of all gods and goddess on a platform which catch your eyes.

    There is a Linga here known as Nayalinga, where villagers settle their disputes by touching the linga and solve their problems.

    Near the door to the second segment on either side we seeVeerabadhra and Subramannya swamy. Here we see Linga and a big Nandi known as Bavishya nandi.

    Now we enter into the third segment which is a big hall known as Navaranga mandapam and the main garbhagraham of Swayambu Someswara swamy in the form of lingam, and at the back, we see Sri Jagadhguru Renukacharya lingothbava moorthy.

    In the Navaranga mandapam we see a big Siva lingam with panchalokha trimoorthy with kavacham and a big nandi in front.

    Goddess chandikamba sannidhi is attached to main Someswara swamy. To the side of the temple we see Kotilingam and nandi in front of him.

  2. Veera narayana swamy temple:

    This temple is also situated in the same place Kolunapaka, near Someswara swamy temple. This temple is also very old one. Chalukyan style is reflated on this temple built around 1104 AD.

    Inside the premises we see Mahalakshmi and Sita Ramar in different sanctum. At the back of the temple there is a Shiridi baba temple.

  3. Jain mandir: Sri Swetharambar jain tirth mandir.

    Location: Kolanapakka, Nalgonda District, Andhra pradesh.
    This temple is about a kilometer away from someswara swamy temple.

    In the jain mandir beautiful images of Thirthankaras are seen. The impressive image of Mahaveera is carved entirely out of precious jade.

    They say the temple is as old as 2000 years, and it was last renovated some 100 years back when it was discovered. Now the renovation work is going on for the past 20 years.

    The temple is of marble stones and pillars.The complete temple is with beautiful carvings to the side’s pillars and roof. There is a huge bell at the entrance of the temple.

Gyana Saraswathi Temple  

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  1. Basar: Gyana Saraswathi temple.

    The temple is in Basar town of Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh. It is about 250kms from Hyderabad. The town is well connected by bus and rail. Choultrys are available.

    The main deity is known as Gyana Saraswathi.It is of mud, installed and worshipped by Vedavyasar. The temple is situated on the banks of River Godavari.

    We see a separate temple for Vedavyasar to the side of main entrance on the main road. The temple has a beautiful park around well maintained. The temple is famous for Akshrabyasa ceremony for little kids.

    Within the main sanctum we find Goddess Lakshmi also to the side of Goddess Saraswathi, and utsava vigraham. Sthala vruksham is Meda tree. Dhathathreya is seen under the tree. Annadhanam scheme is there in the temple.

    We see maha kali temple on the first floor of the praharam. A little distance away from the temple we can reach the bathing ghats of River Godavari.

Mahakaleswarar and Om kaleswarar Jyothir Lingam Temples.  

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This time our visit was to Bhopal for a marriage and we availed the opportunity to visit two Jyothirlingas of twelve, nearer to Bhopal. Bhopal stands on the site of the 11th century city of Bhojapal, founded by Raja Bhoja.

  1. Bhimbetka:

    This place is about 45kms from Bhopal.

    We see pre historic caves with paintings discovered in 1957. There are about 600 rock shelters. The paintings depict hunting, dancing, horse, elephant riders, and animals so on. The treasures at Bhimbetka have recently been designated a world heritage site.

    Visiting time is till 5pm. Some of the places visitors are not allowed.

  2. Bojpur

    The place is about 28kms from Bhopal.

    We see magnificent Shiva temple of 11th century known as Bhojeshwar temple founded and named after Bhoja Raja. The temple structure is incomplete and the earthen ramp used to rise to dome level, is still incomplete. The massive patterns engraved on the surrounding rocks show a grand architectural plan for the temple.

    The Shiva linga inside the sanctum is huge in size. The temple is one of the best examples of 11th century architecture.

  3. Ujjain:

    The place is about 205 kms from Bhopal and 55kms from Indore.

    Modern Ujjain is on the banks of Shipra River, and we see lots of temples in this city. Ujjain is the modern name for Ujjayini.

    Legend is that the God like Shiva of Avanti Commemorated his victory over the demon ruler of Tripura on the bank of River Naramada by changing the name of his capital Avantipura to Ujjayani.

    Importance:This is one of the places where Kumbamela is celebrated once in 12 years. The great poet Kalidasa is said to have written some of his works from this place. Most of the temples are on the ancient sites, which are renovated over years.

  4. Mahakaleswar temple:

    this is One of the 12 Jyothir linga temples.

    The temple is rebuilt by Marathas in 18th century. The temple is below the ground level.

    The main deity here is Swayambu lingam known as Mahakaleswar. He is also known as Dakshina moorthy facing south. Near the entrance we see nandi and inside the sanctum, we see Ganesha, Parvathi and Karthikeya. To the outer circle we see Ekadasa linga, Hanuman, Ganasha, andNarashimar. Navagraha here is in the form of 9 lingas.

  5. Hara Siddhi Matha temple:

    The temple is to the adjacent road to Mahakaleswar temple.

    Here Matha Annapoorna is seen seated between the idol of Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswathi. Sri yantra is enshrined in the temple.

    According to Shiva puranam elbow of Sati Devi dropped in this place and it is one of the Sakthi peetam. The stone pillars adorned with lamps are special features of Maratha period. When we go around the temple we see Bala Ganesha, Bala Hanuman, and Maha Maya sanctums.

  6. Chintamani Ganapathy:

    The temple is situated at a distance of 6 kms from Ujjain city across Shipra River on Fatehabad railway line.

    Here Ganesha is swayambu with his consorts Siddhi and Buddhi on either sides known as Chintamani Ganesh.

  7. Chardham temple:

    The temple is near Mahakaleswar temple. This is not an old temple but recently constructed one. Inside the temple we have darshan of Badrinath, Dwarakanath, Ramanath, and Kedarnath.

  8. Sandipani Ashram:

    According to purana, Lord Krishna, Balaram and Sudhama had their education in Sandipani Ashram. We see Guru Sandipani on his Samadhi in the ashram. In front of Guru we see marble idol of Balaram, Sri Krishna and Sudhama with slate and chalk. The idols look very beautiful and attractive.

    Gomathikunda is the source of water to the Ashram. We see Shiva linga worshipped by Guru Sandhipani and nandi in standing posture, as a respect for guru.

  9. Mangalnath Temple:

    The temple is situated over a hillock near Sandipani Ashram on the banks of Shipra River in Ujjain.

    According to Matsya puranam it’s the birth place of planet Mars. We see Very old idol of God of earth Bhoodhevi here. Shiva is the main deity worshipped here. Everyone is allowed to enter inside the main sanctum. We see Ram instead of nandi in this temple.

  10. Siddhavat:

    Here we see a Banayan tree on the banks of Shipra River.

    The place has same importance as Akshyavat in Prayag, Panchavat in Nasik, Vanshivat in Vrindhavan, and Bodhivat in Gaya.

    We see a shiva moorthy under the tree which Parvathi worshipped during her penance. There is a Ganesha idol in the same place. We see Bala Hanuman sanctum near the entrance. There is a bathing ghat and people perform ceremony here for ancestors.

  11. Kala Bairavar:

    The temple of Kala Bairavar was built by the King Bhadrasen on the banks of Shipra. The temple is old and famous one.

    Here wine is poured in the mouth of kalabairavar which he drinks. We don’t see any hole in the mouth. It’s a miracle, which is unique feature of this place.Worship of Kalabairavar is believed to be a part of Kapalika and Aghora sect. Even today liquor is offered as a part of rituals to Kalabairavar and the liquor is given as Prasadam.

  12. Bada Ganapathy temple:

    The temple is situated near Mahakaleswar temple.

    There is a huge Ganesha statue and as you enter inside in the middle of the room we see Pancha mukha Hanuman idol. We can have the darshan of hanuman to four sides, in all four forms and by doing we come across Ganesha and Durga Matha.

  13. Navagraha Temple:

    The temple is situated on Triveni ghat of Sipra River. The temple is located 6 kms away from city to south on Sanwar road beside Shipra River.

    Importance: Here we see Sane Bhagawan in two forms one is called Bada Sani and the other one as two and half year Sani . Ganapathy is also seen along with them. Thil oil abishekam is performed here. As we go around the sanctum we come across Navagrahas in their respective sides. This place is known as Triveni Tirth.

  14. Sanieswaran temple:

    This temple is at Bhairam which is about 40 kms from Ujjain to Indore road. The temple is private owned, built with granite stone fully.

    Importance:All idols of Navagraha in the temple are of granite and they are huge in size. The idols are beautiful with sharp features. The navagrahas are placed in their respective directions. In the entrance we see Ganesha and Hanuman to either side of entrance. The idols are well decorated with flowers and beautiful to look at. The temple is neat and well maintained.

  15. Omkaraswarar:

    This is One of the 12 Jyothir Linga Temples.

    The temple stands on an island formed by the fork of Narmada River in the shape of holiest Hindu symbol OM. We have to cross the river to reach the temple that is on hill.

    Nandi here is spoilt due to the river water. The temple is constructed of soft stone with striking carvings. The roof of the shrine is intricately carved and enriching the shrines. We cross the hall with pillars carved with circles, polygons and squares.

    The main deity Omkareswarar is in Linga form which is coarse and shapeless. Goddess Parvathi is seen at the back of Shiva linga.

    To reach the place from Indore it is 75 kms by road, and by rail it is Omkareswarar road 12 kms on Ratlam-Kandwa of western railway.

Temples of Mylapore.  

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  1. Adi Kesava perumal temple: Peyazwar thiruk koil.

    The temple is at the back of Kapaleeswarar temple.

    Main Deity is Adi kesava Perumal and Maragadha valli thayar or Mayoora valli thayar. Teertham is Sarva teertham or Hari hara teertham.

    Importance: Peyazwar’s birth place. There is a separate sanctum for him. We see Anjeyaneyar and Chakkrathazwar in different sanctums.

  2. Vedanta Desikar temple:

    The temple is next to Adi kesava perumal temple.

    Importance: Origanally it was Vedanta Desikar temple. Now we see Sreenivasa perumal, Padmavathi thayar, and Anjaneyar in different sanctums.

  3. Virupaksheeswarar Temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is in Mylapore, Chennai.

    Main Deity is Siva linga known as Virupaksheeswarar and his consort known Visalakshi Amman in different sanctum.Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam.

    Importance: Sundara moorthy nayanar worshipped Siva here and he saw Nataraja, in Lord Siva.Nataraja has a sanctum here.

    The other deities in the temple are Subramanaya swamy in different sanctum and Navagrahas.

  4. Karaneeswarar: Siva temple of 12th century.

    The temple is in Bazzar Street.

    Main Deity is Karaneeswarar and his consort known as Porkodi amman.
    Sthala Vruksham is Mango tree.

    Importance: Siva lingam here is, Square in shape. Surya with his wife among Navagraha is seen here.

  5. Mallieswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is in Mylapore, Chennai.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Maleeswarar and his consort Maragadhambikai amman. Sthala vruksham is jasmine.

    Purana says Parthan King of Ayodha meditated here to acquire the blessings of Siva. Lord Siva was pleased with his penance, and appeared before him and blessed him. Parthan worshipped Siva in this place which is full of Jasmine plant hence he is named as Malleeswaran

    Importance: There is a neem tree and pipal together look like one tree.

  6. Valleeswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is to South mada veedhi of Mylapore,Chennai, near Kapaleeswarar temple.

    Main Deity is siva Lingam known as Vallieswarar and his consort known as Kamakshi amman.in different sanctum.

    Asura guru Sukracharya made a Siva lingam and worshipped. Siva was pleased with his worship and revealed himself along with Vishnu and Brahma. Hence, the name Vallieswarar for the deity here.

    Puranasays once a lamp in Siva was dim and at that time a rat came there to drink the oil in the lamp and doing so the lamp started glowing. Siva took it as a good deed of rat. The rat had a rebirth, as King Mahabali on earth with fame. Once when Mahabali performed a yaga, Vishnu came in the form of Vamana roopam to acquire dhanam, from the king.

    Asura guru knew it and wanted to stop the act of king; he took the form of bee and entered into the beak of can to stop the act.

    Vamana pocked with grass into the beak of can for the water to pour out. By this act Sukracharya lost his eyes and to get back the vision he did meditation and pooja in this place.

  7. Mundakanniamman Temple:

    The temple is at Mundakanniamman temple street, Mylapore, Chennai.
    Sthala Vruksham is Banyan Tree.

    Main Deity is Swayambu roopam of Goddess known as Mundagakanni Amman in sitting posture. This is one of the sakthi peetam.

    The main sanctum is of covered of coconut leaves only and the rest of the place is normal construction. The goddess is also known as senthamaraivasini because she is seated on lotus flower like goddess Lakshimi. At the back of main sanctum, we see banyan tree with snake pit.

  8. Madhava perumal temple:

    The temple belongs to 13th century. The temple is at Mylapore, Chennai.

    Main deity is Madhava perumal in sitting posture, and his consort known as Amrita valli thayar. Teertham is Santhana pushkarani.

    Sthala puranam: Thirumagal was adopted as, daughter of Brugu muni and he named her as Amirtha valli. Vishnu meets muni as Madhavan and asks permission for his daughter to marry him. Brugu muni performed their marriage in this place.

Singa Perumal temple and Chettipuniyam Devaraja perumal Temple.  

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  1. Singa perumal temple: Vishnu temple.

    Main Deity is Narasimha swamy with an eye in his forehead.

    Importance: This temple, is a cave temple.

  2. chettipunniyam: Vishnu temple.

    Main deity is Devaraja perumal in standing posture and Perundevi thayar is seen in different sanctum.

    Importance: Yoga Hayagreeva perumal which was brought to this place in the year 1823 from Devanadha perumal temple of cuddalore.

  3. Adi Kesava perumal temple: Peyazwar thiruk koil.

    The temple is at the back of Kapaleeswarar temple.

    Main Deity is Adi kesava Perumal and Maragadha valli thayar or Mayoora valli thayar. Teertham is Sarva teertham or Hari hara teertham.

    Importance: Peyazwar’s birth place. There is a separate sanctum for him. We see Anjeyaneyar and Chakkrathazwar in different sanctums.

  4. Vedanta Desikar temple:

    The temple is next to Adi kesava perumal temple.

    Importance: Origanally it was Vedanta Desikar temple. Now we see Sreenivasa perumal, Padmavathi thayar, and Anjaneyar in different sanctums.

Parthasarathy perumal Temple and Teerthapaleeswarar temple, Chennai.  

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  1. Parthasarathy Temple:

    One of 108 Divya Desam temple.
    The temple is in Triplicane of Chennai city.

    Main Deity is Arul megu Venkata Krishnan.Teertham is Kairavani Pushkarani. The pond in front of the temple is of Indra, Soma, Agni, Meena and Vishnu teertham.

    Importance: Parthasarathy Perumal here, is seen with Panchajanyam in one hand and the other pointing towards his feet. We also see Rukmani, his elder brother Balarama, younger brother sathyaki, his son Prathumnan, and grand son Anirudhan within the sanctum along with him.

    Goddess Vedavalli Thyar, and Andal are seen in different sanctums. We see Narashima Swamy in different sanctum with separate dwaja sthambam. Other deities present in the temple are Sri Raman, and Gajendravaradhar in different sanctums.

  2. Teerthapaaleswarar: Siva temple.

    The temple is located at Krishnam pettai, Natesan Street.

    Main Deity is Teerthapaaleeswarar and his consort known as Tripurasundari Amman.

    Importance: In the month of February / march, urchava vigraha of seven temples take a dip in occan and the urchvar of this temple is first to take the dip. The Lingam here is of four side dimension.

Thiruvotriyoor temple, Chennai.  

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  1. Thiruvotriyoor

    This temple is one of the 275 important Siva Devara sthalams. The temple is 1500 years old. The place is about 18 kms from Chennai. Teertham is known as Brahma and kasi teertham. SthalaVruksham is Atthi and Magizha maram.

    Main Deity is Swayambu lingam known as Adi pureeswarar, / Thyagarajar and his consort known as Vadivudai amman in separate sanctum.

    Importance: The Swayambu lingam is teenda thirumeni and it is in the form of snake pit. Siva is known as putridangkondar, / Thyagarajar, and Adipureeswarar. Durga devi here is known as Vattaparai amman.

    The other deities areJaganadhar, Sundarar, Sahasralingam Amirtha kandeswarar, Nakshtra lingam, Annamaliyar, Jambukeswarar, Nagalingar, Meenakshi Sundaraswarar, and Bairavar are important.

    One can have the darshan of the main deity in the form of pit on karthagai pournami of every year for two days. Brahma and Vishnu worshipped here.

    Appar, Sundar Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place. Arunagirinadhar sang on Subramanya swamy. There are 27 lingams in a row representing each star.

  2. Vada guru sthalam: Dakshina moorthy.

    The temple is near Thiruvotrioour.

    Main Deity isYoga Dakshina moorty of 10’ height.

    Importance : Dakshina moorthy facing to north side which is unusual. Muyalagan under leg is also facing inside which is different. We see Pancha mukha Ganapathy of 6’height on Lion as his vahana.
  3. Agasteeswarar Temple: Siva temple.

    The temple is in the same street of Vadivudaiamman temple and next to Vada guru nadhar temple.

Suruttapalli, Siva Temple.  

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  1. Suruttapalli: Siva tmple.

    This place is a village to Andhra and Tamilnadu border. The temple is on highway and easy to approach.

    Main Deity is Pallikondeeswarar and his consort known as Sarvamangala devi.

    Sthala purana : When the ocean was churned with the help of vasuki snake as a rope by Devas and Asuras lot of things came up. Due to pain the vasuki started emitting poison known as kalam and poison from the ocean that came up was known as aalam.

    Due to the request of Devas and Asuras both Aalam and kalam was made as a ball and swallowed by Lord Siva. At that time Bhuneswari caught hold of Siva’s throat to stop the poison. Hence Siva is also known as Vishabakara moorthy, Neelakandar, Kalakandan, Nanjundeswarar and Ambal as Amudhambikai.

    Siva gave the nectar to Devas and was going back to his place Kailas. On his way he felt tired and rested his head on the lap of Bhuneswari known as Sarvamangala devi at a place known as Suruttapalli.

    Importance: Here we Siva in lying posture which is unique and the idol are about 18’in length. We see Brugu maharashi, Brahma, Mahavishnu, Markendeya, Naradha, Chandra, Surya, Kubera, Agastiyar, Gowthamar, Thumburar, Vasishtar, Viswamitrar, Valmeeki, Indra, Ganesha, Subramanya with Valli and Devasena.

    We see goddess Maragadambikai in separate sanctum. Out side the sanctum we see Sanganidhi and Padumanidhi with their wife Vasundara and Vasumathi. Inside the sanctum of Maragadambikai we see Kalpa vruksham and Kamadenu to either side.

    As we go around the Amman sanctum we come across Jwarahara moorthy (Siva with three heads, three legs, and three hands and with Agni in one of his hand) and Ekapadha moorthy (Brahma on Hamsa, Siva on Nandi and Vishnu on Garuda in one stone with single leg.) Saptha madhar, Raja Mathangi, Chandikeeswarar and Nandhi are also there within sanctum.

    Here in separate small sanctum we see swayambu linga known as Ramalingeswarar. The linga is in trikona dimension and was worshipped by Valmiki. Most of the dities present in the temple are with their consorts. Pallikondeeswarar and Swarvamangalambikai, Valmekeswarar and Maragadhambikai, Kubera and Gowri.

    Dakshina moorthy is seen holding Gowri on his lap to left side, is known as Dampdhya Dakshina moorthy, which we find only in this place. We see the complete family of Rama with his brothers and Hanuman. We see small foot prints which they say it is lava kashas. Sastha with Poorna Pushkala is seen here.

Siruvapuri and Periyapalayam temples.  

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  1. Chinnambedu / siruva puri:

    The place is 10 kms west to Ponneri.

    Main Deity is Swayamubu lingam known as Agasteeswarar and his consort Unnamalai amman.

    Importance: The peacock near he subramanya swamy in the main sanctum is of emerald stone. Utsava vigraha of Sundarar is a beautiful piece in this temple.

    Lava and Kusha fought with Sri Rama, without knowing, he is their father in this place. The place is known as Siruvar puri and over a period it has changed to siruva puri.

  2. Periyapalayam: Bhavani amman.

    The place is about 20 kms from Thiruvallore.

    Purana says when king Kamsa heard, Devaki is bestowed with child, he came to the jail and as usual, and he took the child from them to kill the new born. At that time child announced that she is only maya and Lord Krishna is in some other place. After wards she moved from the place and she resided at periya palayam. The main deity is only unto chest with sankam, chakkra, knife, and amrita kalasam in her hands.

Devadhana Perumal and Andarkuppam temple , Ponneri, Chennai.  

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  1. Ranganadhar temple which is 1000 years old.

    The Devadhana perumal temple is 4 kms from Anupampattu. One can reach Anupampattu which is to outskirts of Chennai via gummidipundi.

    Main Deity : Ranganadhar in lying posture above Adiseshan, with Sridevi, and Bhoodevi. Ranganayaki thayar is seen in different sanctum. Thumbar maharishi and Anjeyaneyar are there. The main deity is of salagramha stone. Sthala vruksham is Baniyan tree.

  2. Andar kuppam: Siva temple.

    The temple is, located at 5 kms south of Ponneri.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Viswanadhar and his consort known as Visalakshi amman.

    Importance: Subramanya swamy asked the meaning of pranava which Brahma was not able to answer. We see a small stone outside the sanctum in front of subramanya swamy temple which is considered as Brahma. We can see the carving of the story in one of the pillars here in the temple.

    Arunagirinadhar sang Thirupugazh on Murugan of this place.

Chinnakavanam Temple, and Thirupalaivanam, Ponneri, Chennai.  

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  1. Chinnakavanam Siva temple: This temple is 500 years old.

    The place is about 33 kms from Chennai to north of Chennai and the place is known as Chinnakavanam. There are two temples in the same premises.

    Main Deity is Chatur Veda parameeswarar / Nootreteeswarar and his consort known as Ashtothravalli Amman. Sthala Vruksham is Angola Vruksham.Teertham is Arani river.

    Purana says Agyastar worshiped Siva here. He made 107 siva lingas and at that time he remembered that he forgot to worship lord Ganesha. All 107 lingas together formed as Ganesha under the sthala vruksham. The Ganesha is Swayambu and there is no trunk for him. 108 linga which Agastyar made is known as Nootreteeswarar and that is the one we worship in the temple.

    Importance: Some fruits of the sthala vruksham ie; Angola maram which falls down goes and sticks back to the tree again.

  2. Thirupalaivanam: Siva temple built by Rajendra chola.

    The place Ponneri is about 33 kms from Chennai, and from there10 kms NE is Thirupalaivanam.

    Main Deity is Thirupaleeswarar and his consort known as Lokambikai amman in different sanctum. Sthala Vruksham is Palai. Teertham is Amirtha pushkarani.

    Sthala puranam: When parkadal was churned nector came up and it was taken by devas for themselves. Anything that we have should be offered to God, so they made a linga from the nector, and they worshipped here.

    Importance: The Amirta linga here is worshipped with milk, rose water, curd and coconut water.

Kari Krishnar temple, ponneri, Chennai.  

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  1. Thiru Ayarpadi:

    The place is 33 kms from Chennai to Gummidipoondy, alight at ponneri. The temple is in 1km distance from here on the banks of Arani River.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Krishnan known as Karrikannan and Goddess Soundaravalli thayar.

    King Karikala chola constructed the temple for Krishna hence the name Karikrishnar. Sthala Vruksham is Magiza maram.

    Importance: Once Baradwaja muni was meditating under the tree and he had darshan of Lord in the form of snake pit, and lot of milk was poured to remove the mud. Even before the mud was washed they tried to remove the mud by hands.

    Here Krishna is standing in slanting posture with milk pot on his head and a stick in his hand like a cow boy. There is no adhara peetam for Krishna here. Another unusual sight seen here is, Thayar in standing posture. We see 16 pillars mandapam outside the temple in which the pillars are slanting which are unique.

    Other deities in the temple Kodhanda Ramar, Azwar, Andal, Ramanajur, and Manavala mamuni.

  2. Agastheeswarar Temple:

    Siva temple constructed during Raja raja chola period.
    Location: Ponneri, Harihara bazzar street.

    Main deity is Siva Lingam known as Agasteeswarar and his consort, Ananda valli Thayar.

    Importance: Agastiyar worshipped Siva in this place. Agastiyar met Baradwaja muni in his ashram and they wanted to remove the saiva vaishnava dispute which was prevailing at that time.

    They both decided that every year on full moon day of chitra month deities, Siva and Kari Krishnar meet and exchange their garland to prove that they both are one and the same. This may bring unity among Shiva and Vishnu.

Meenjur and Melur temples  

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  1. Varadaraja Perumal Temple:

    The temple is in Meenjur.

    Main Deity is Varadaraja perumal and Perundevi Thayar.

    Importance: The temple is 5000 years old and well maintained.

  2. Ekambareswarar Siva temple.

    The temple is in Meenjur.

    Main Deity: Ekambareswarar and His consort Kamakshi Amman.

  3. Siva Temple:

    The temple is in Melur, which is about 35 kms from Chennai.

    Main Deity: Swayambu Linga known as Thirumanageeswarar and Thirupara Sundari amman. Sthala Vruksham is Konnai.

    Importance: There are three Temples relating to Ichha, Kriya and Gyana Sakthi. Visiting the three temples on same day is considered good. This is the first temple to worship in the morning time.

    The Goddess of, three temples together, has known as Pournami Nayakiyar. The Goddess Thripura sundari amman represents Icha sakthi.

    Purana says a cow use to pour milk daily even before feeding its calf. One day the villagers wanted to find out what it was and they found a snake pit in the form of linga and heard akashavani to construct a temple.

    Once Parvathi closed the eyes of Siva for a second and the whole world became stand still, for which as a punishment she was to take birth on the earth three times, and after meditating she will join Lord Siva. Here is the place she took the form as ichha sakthi roopam

Veda Narayan Perumal and Nemili. Ttemple of North Chennai  

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This time our trip was to visit temples around north of Chennai. It was three day trip. As usual we were not able to cover all places according to our plan. I am happy to share my visit with every one, in my few posts.

  1. Veda Narayana Perumal Temple

    The place is 25 Kms from Tirutani.

    Main Deity is Veda Narayana Perumal in standing posture.

    Importance: Only temple for Machya avatharam. There is no padadarshan of the deity here, because the leg is under the ground. We see Hanuman, Lakshmi Hayagreevar, and Kodhanda Ramar sannidhi in a row in the mandapam outside the main sanctum. The other end of the mandapam we see Hanuman in separate sanctum.

  2. Nemili: Vishnu temple.

    The place is about 11 Kms from Tirutani to Nagalapuram.

    Main Deity is Vaikunda perumal in sitting posture.

    Importance: Vaikunda perumal holding paddy in his left hand. When they perform pooja in large scale they say we can see the main deity sweating. One can worship and do pooja here to get suitable alliance.

Thiru Narayanapuram, Thirukattuputhur and Kallukuzhi Anjaneyar. Trichy.  

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  1. Thiru Narayanapuram:

    The place is about a km from Varadaraja puram, in Thottiam taluk, Trichy district.

    Main Deity is Veda Narayanar, in lying posture with Sridevi, and Bodhevi thayar

    Importance: Swayambu Veda Narayana Perumal on Adi seshan with 10 heads. Here we see Sridevi and Bhodevi doing seva for perumal. Prahaladha is seen here as a small boy near the foot. Brahma got his veda upadesam in this place.
    Story: Once Mahabala chakravarthy Vanarayar was travelling towards Mysore from this place to fight and expand his kingdom.

    At night they had to halt here and he had a dream. In his dream he was asked to take out Vedanarayana perumal under the mud and install, Lord in a temple and after doing the pooja, he should proceed further, and he will become the King without any effort. The temple was built by the King and Veda Narayana Perumal was installed there. His wish was fulfilled.

    Another in the purana is Arayarfamily came to worship here. That day fire broke and the temple with temporary structure got fire and Arayar to save god from fire he with his family lay on the idol and attained Moksha.

    Prahaladha is seen in the temple. After Hirnya vadham, Perumal was in anger. Prahaladha worshipped him and asked him to be in Santha swaroopam in this place forever.

    Brahma was of ego that he is the creator and no one has the power. So Perumal wanted to teach him a lesson, so he created an ugly person and sent him to Brahma. Looking at this person Brahma was confused as to who could have done. To clear his doubt he asked Veda Narayana perumal, as to who could have done this. Perumal replied him that since Brahma is the god of creation it could be no one else. Then suddenly the ugly person disappeared, and his ego was destroyed.

    Brahma asked Narayana to preach veda to him. This was the place veda was preached to Brahma, so we see the right palm of perumal is kept open as giving upadesa to Brahma. There are 4 vedas as pillows to Veda Narayanar here which is unique. Anjeneya in the front pillar is important because people here keep him as a judge for every matter. The temple is a small one but well maintained.

  2. Thiru kattuputhur: Vishnu temple.

    The place is about 10 kms from Thiru Narayana puram.

    Main Deity is Venkatramana Swamy with Sridevi and Bhodevi thayar.

    Importance: The temple is 300 years old. Venkatramana perumal revealed him to Musukunda chakravarthy

  3. KalluKuzhi Veera Anjaneyar.

    Location: Near Trichy Junction.

    MainDeity is Anjaneyar.

    Importance: Anjaneyar is carved on a small stone which was to the road side. When they wanted to lay railway line, the stone was interrupting so they decided to place it in another place near by. After laying the railway line and started functioning there was lot of train accidents taking place in the same place where the removed Anjaneya from, so they decided to divert the railway line to side and replaced Anjaneya to same place where he was earlier and constructed temple for him. Rama and Seetha are there in the temple. The temple is well known now.

Pettaivaithlai and Kulithali temple. Trichy.  

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  1. Pettaivaithalai: Siva temple.

    The place is about 20 Kms from trichy.

    Main Deity is Madhraneswarar and his consort known as Balambikai.

    Importance: The temple was built by 3rd Kulothunga chola. to a pillar we see Potralam Poovai Chittar. The temple is not on high way, it is a km inside. This is the place of Jeeva samadhi of potralam poovai chittar. Worshipping Siva in this place is recommended to get rid of Brahamathi dosha.

    Other deities like Bichadanar, Saraswathi, Dandayudhapani, Mahalakshmi, Surya, Chandra, and Navagraha are there. All types of ladies health issue is cured by
    Worshipping here in this place

  2. Kulithalai Siva temple in Trichy to karur route.

    Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Kadambavaneswarar and his consort known as Mutrila mulaiamai.

Thiruparithurai, Trichy.  

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  1. Thiruparithurai:

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam. The place is 15 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Paraithurai nadhar / Tharuka vaneswarar, and his consort known as Pasumpon Myilammai / Hemavarnambal. Sthala Vruksham is Punnai tree. Teertham is Cauveri.

    ImportanceSiva in the form of Bikshadanar, removed the ego of munis, and revealed himself to them in this place.

    The temple is situated in the place where parai trees are large in number, hence the place is known as paraithurai.

    Indra, Kubera, and Sptharishis, worshipped Siva here.

    Other deities present in the temple are Vinayakar, Murugan, Mahalakshmi, Durgai, Dakshina moorthy and Navagraha.

    Sambandhar and Navukkarasar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

Siva, Vaippu sthalam, Trichy.  

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  1. Kodiyalam: Siva temple.

    The place is about 3 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Rudhrakoteeswarar and his consort known as Komalambikai

  2. Antha nallore: Siva temple.

    The place is about 13 kms from Trichy to karur route.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Vada Teertheswarar and his consort known as Balasundari Ambikai.

    Importaance: This is a small temple and considered as Vaippu sthalam.

  3. Tiruchendurai: Siva temple.

    The place is about 12 kms from Trichy to Karur.

    Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Chandrashekara swamy and his consort Maanendiya valli. Sthala Vruksham is Jack fruuit tree.

    Importance: This is one of the Vaippu sthalam. Siva lingam looks rough like jack fruit. Ambikai has deer in her hand. Usually Nataraja in all temples will be attached to Tiruvasi at the back but in this place Nataraja is standing on single leg without support is special.

Muttharasa Nallore, Trichy.  

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  1. Muttharasa nallore: Siva temple.

    The place is 7 kms from Trichy to Karur. There are three sanctum for Lord Siva and three sanctums for goddess.

    Main Deity is Siva Lingam known as Rathna gireeswarar and Aralakesari amman in different sanctum. Engoinadhar and his consort Maragadha valli amman in different sanctum.Kadamba vaneswarar, and his consort known as Bala kujalambikai in separate sanctum.

    Purana says a king by name Muttarasu used to worship Siva in Kulithalai in morning, Rathanagireeswarar of iyer malai in the noon, and Thiru engoinadhar of engoi malai in the evening everyday.

    When he was old he was not able to do the worship like before, he was sad and praying. Siva wanted to help his devotee he came in the dream of King and asked him to remove the three idols that are in the ground near the vanni maram and build temple there.

    The king in the morning found the idols of Siva and Goddess. He built the temple and installed all the idols and the place was named after him.

    Other deities seen in the temple are Murugan with Valli and Devayany, Dakshina moorthy, Ganapathy, Chandeeswarar, Navagraha, Birava, Sani, and Surya.

Thiruvasi, Trichy.  

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  1. Thiruvasi:

    This is one of 275 Siva Devara sthalam. The place is about 10 kms from Trichy.
    Sthala Vruksham is Vanni.

    Main Deity is Matrarivaradeeswarar / Samivaneswarar / Brahmapureswarar, and Balambikaiamman / Balasundari. Teertham is Amalai aru and panguni aru.

    Importance: Brahma, Lakshmi, and Umadevi worshipped Sivaof this place. The temple dates back to some 1500 years old. In this temple we see snake under the feet of Nataraja instead of muyalagan.

    The story related to the temple is, a business man named Kamalan had no issues, so he was worshiping lord Siva. One day when he was returning home from the temple, he heard child cry, he went back to see and found a small baby in the lotus flower. He named her Amalai.

    When the child came to the age of marriage he wanted her to be married to his brother in law. Amalai was a great devotee and wanted to marry Siva. Siva was pleased with her and he came to their house as Kamalan's brother in law and married Amalai.

    After the marriage they both left the house saying that they are going to the temple. After they left, original brother in law of kamalan returned home, only then they realised something wrong has happened.

    They went to temple in search of Amalai and knowing this Amalai threw her anklet back and it turned to be a river and started flowing.

    Amalai was parvathy herself and Siva gave darshan to all the people with parvathi on his Rishba vahana.

    Sundarar got a bag of gold from Siva in this place. We see Sundarar with golden talam in his hand. Sambandhar and Sundarar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

Thudayoor, Trichy.  

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  1. Amoore: Siva temple.

    The place is 3 kms from Gunaseelam.
    Main deity is Siva lingam known as Raveeswarar and his consort Anandavalli Amman.
  2. Thudayoore: Siva temple.

    The place is 10 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Visha mangalaeswarar and his consort known as Veera Mangalaeswri / Mangalanayaki amman.

    Importance: The temple is full of speciality and different from other places and it is a small temple. It’s known as vaippu sthalam. There is a big snake pit before, we enter the temple. The place is also known as veeshamteenda pathi which means poison does not affect people living in that place.

    Within the premises we see Surya with his wife, Lakshmi Narayanar, Kalyana Sundareswarar, Subramanya with Valli Devasena, Brahma and Saraswathi. The speciality is all the gods are with their consort.

    Durga is vishnu durgai on lotus peetam with agni in hand. Thadangam of Durgai is different here. Digichandana Dakshina moorhy statue is really good and he is with veena known as Digichandana in his hand. Surya Chandra on top of Dakshinamoothy to either side with chamaram.

    Kalyana Sundareswarar left hand is around his wife holding close to him and thumb of his feet is above the feet of ambal. About ½ kms from this temple, we see Vadha muni stone for which oil abishekam is done on saturday, tuesday, full moonday and half moonday. The oil is distributed as prasadam to devotees. They say applying the oil any type pain subsides.

Gunaseelam temples, Trichy.  

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  1. Mukkambu:

    It is a good picknic spot with a beautiful garden. This is the place were River splits as kollidum and Cauvery. Once again Cauvery splits and flows as cannal which is used for irrigation purpose. We can see three Rivers from a particular place. The Bridge is known as Kallani which is 1000 years old and was constructed by Karikala cholan.

  2. Gunaseelam: Vishnu temple.

    The place is 16kms from Trichy.
    Main Deity is Prasanna venkatesa perumal. Swayambu moorthy.Teertham is Papavinasa teertham.

    Importance: Gunasala maharishi saw the God in swayambu roopam in standing posture with Lakshmi sahasranama garland and salagrama malai, hence he is known as prasanna venkatesa perumal. They say is elder to Sreenivasa perumal of tirupathy. One who cannot go upto tirupathi can give their offerings here in this temple.

  3. Gunaseelam: Siva temple.

    The place is about 12 kms from Trichy to Musiri route. The temple is on the main road.

    Main Deity is known as Darmiganadhar and his consort known as Hemavarneswari.

    Importance: The linga is Swyambu and the Amman is Siva Sakthi roopam.
    The temple is 300 years old

Thirumandhurai, Lalgudi, Trichy  

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  1. Thirumandhurai:

    This is one of 275 important Siva sthalam. The Place is about 5 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is Amravaneswarar, Mrugandeeswarar and his consort known as Azagammi, Balambika. Sthala Vruksham is Mango tree. Teertham is Gayatri river.

    Importance: Surya, Chandra, Indra, And Mrugandu muni worshipped Siva of this place.
    Other deities are Brahma,Vishnu, and Durgai to main sanctum. Subramanya swamy with family and Dandaudhapani in separate small sanctum.

    Arunagiri nadhar sang thirupugazh on muruga here. Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva in this place.

  2. Then Pandaripuram: Panduranga temple.

    The temple is 6 kms from Srirangm near Utthamar koil.

    Main Deity: Radha , Rukmani and Pandurangar.

    Importance: This is a small temple. There is no difference among the devotees who visit the temple. Everyone is allowed to embrace God and pray here, which is unique. Prasadam given here is known as pada doolhi or bukka which is like black mud.

    The temple is about 75 years old. The idol that is installed in the temple was taken from the well. This was identified by god to a devotee parangkusadas in dream and to construct a temple. This is a private temple.

Thiru Mangalam, Trichy.  

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  1. Thiru mangalam: Siva temple.

    The place is about kms from Lalgudi to north.

    Main Deity: Samavedeswarar and sri Lokhanayaki amman

    Teertham is Parasurama teertham. Sthala Vruksham is Jack fruit tree.

    Importance: The temple dates back to some 2000yrs. There is lot of things important in the temple. The place is equal to Kasi and gaya. Parasurama worshipped Siva in this place to get rid of his Mathruhathi dosha.

    The place is also known as Parasurama kshetram. Chandikeswarar worshiped Siva here to get rid of pithruhathi dosha and attained moksha. Dakashina moorthy is here with abhya mudra. Subramanya swamy is known as Kalyana Subramaniyar.

    Here a unique thing is we see Valli on peacock, Subramanya and Devayanai standing beside her. Arumugha perumal is with six face and four hands as a chatru samhara moorthy.

    Anaya nayanar one of 63 Nayanmars birth as well as mukthi place. One Linga moortham is here which gave mukthi to nayanar. They say it is growing. We see Anaya nayanar in separate sanctum. Anaya nayanar was good at flute and once when he was reciting with flute and meditating, Siva was very much pleased with the music and he gave mukthi to him at the same place.

    Durga here is vishnu Durgai on Simha vahana. Ravikuruva rishi was a bit upset because there was no river near by. Knowing this Siva made river flow which is called as gaya palguni.

Temples Trichy  

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  1. Ashta Buja Durgai

    The temple is in Anbil, which is 8 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity: Astabuja Durgai known as mariamman.

  2. Thiruvathurai: Siva temple.

    The place is about 20 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity: Ambalavaneswarar and his consort known as Valambikai.

    Importance: Munis worshipped siva in this place.

  3. Nagar: Siva temple.

    The place is near Lalgudi.

    Main Deity: Swayambu linga known as Apradeeswarar and his consort Oppila maniammai in different sanctum.Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam without thorns. Teertham is palguni River.

    Importance: The temple is known as pancha linga kshetram. The temple architect is Thillai Nayakan. Stone inscription is there says the temple belongs to Raja RajaChola.

    The other deities are Vadakailasa nadhar, Then kailasa nadhar, Bairavar, Suryan, Durgai, Chandikeeswarar, Nardhana Vinayakar, Dakshina moorthy, Thirumal and Brahma.

Anbil, Trichy.  

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  1. Anbil:

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam. The place is about 8 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is Sathyavageeswarar and his consort Soundranayaki amman in different sanctum.Sthala Vruksham is Banian tree, and teertham is Chandra teertham.

    Importance: Vinayaka of this place is known as Sevisaiyttha vinayakar. Reason is once when Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva near the river, he was too keen in hearing the music.

    Anbil is name of the place, the temple is known as Alandhurai. Brahma and Vageesa muni worshipped Siva of this place.

    Other deities in the temple are Pichandar, Sapthakanniar, Kasi Viswanadhar, Vislakshi, Bairavar, Valli, and Devayana and Subramanya.

    Sambandhar, and Navukkarasar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

  2. Thiru Anbil: Vishnu temple.

    The temple is one of 108 Divya Desam. The place is about 8 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is VadivazagiyaNambi in lying posture, and Thyar Azagiyavalli nachiar in different sanctum,Teertham is Mandooka pushkarani, and Kolliddam.

    Importance: Manduka muni who was meditating under the water, did not realise the presence of Durvasa muni, and he was cursed to become as mandooka. Muni realised his mistake and asked Durvasa for sapa vimochana. He was advised to come to this place and worship. The place is known after him. This is one of pancha Ranga Kshetram.

Poovalore, Thinniyam and Nandam temples, Trichy.  

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  1. Poovalore: Siva temple

    The place is about 20 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Adi Moolanadhar and his consort known as Kumkuma sundari.Teertham is known as Palguni River. Manmdan threw flower arrow on Lord Siva in this place. So it is named as poovalore. It is also known as Manmadha puram

    Importance:Muni wanted to do cermony for his ancesisters. There was no river here, so he wanted to do in gaya. He worshipped Siva and Siva was pleased with his prayers and he made Ganges to flow here by throwing his silambu. So this place is considered equal to Gaya.

  2. Thinniysm

    The place is about 12 kms from Pullampadi

    Main Deity is Sundareswarar and his consort Periya nayaki ammai.

    ImportanceSubramanaya swamy Valli and Devayanai are on indivudual peacock which is seen only in this place. A belief is there that wishes of one who visits the place are fulfilled.

  3. Nandam: Vishnu temple.

    The place is about 12 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is Adi moola perumal in lying posture and his consort Adi lakshmi thayar in different sanctum.

    Importance we see an elephant named Gajendran near Perumal and the leg of the elephant is in the mouth of crocodile. One hand of Perumal is on the head of the elephant, relating to Gajendra moksha. They say, this place were Gajendra attained moksha.

    The other deities we see here are Sridevi, Boodevi, Rama, Lakshmana, Seetha, Hanuman, and Nandagopar idols.

Ranganadhar temple , Srirangam, Trichy.  

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  1. Sri Rangam:

    This is one of 108 Divya Desam. the place is about 5 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is Ranganadha perumal in lying posture, and Thayar Sri Ranga Nachiar. Utsavar here is known as Nam perumal. Teertham is Chandra pushkarani, cauvery, and Kollidam. Vruksham is Punnai.

    Importance: This is 1st Div ya Desam. The place is considered as Boolokha kailasam. The kshetram is known as Swayam vyaktha kshetram. 14 Azwar and Andal nachiar have sung About Ranganadhar of this place. The temple dates back to 10th century.

    The temple has 21 gopurams and 48 sanctums. Purana says Brahma gave a Rangandhar idol to Veebishana which he was taking to Srilanka along with him. The condition was that he should not keep it down if so he will not be able to take it. Veebishana gave the idol in the hands of small boy Ganesha, and asked him to hold it till he is back. Ganesha kept the idol down. When Veebishana came he saw the idol kept down and he tried to remove it but he could not do it.

    He tried to catch Ganesha who ran to the top of the hill. Veebishana was sad and Ranganadhar said he will be lying facing Lanka and bless him. Later days when king Killivalavan came here to hunt hidden parrot revealed the place. Ranganadhar idol is 15’ long. The roof of sanctum is covered with gold plating. Ramanujar stayed here and helped in spreading Vainava madam.

Thiru Erumbur and Thiru Nedungkalam, Trichy.  

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  1. Thiru Erumbur

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam . The place is about 11 kms from Trichy and known as Brahmapuram, Kumara puram and lakshimi puram.

    Main Deity is Erumbeeswrar / Madhuvaneswarar and Soundranayaki Amman.
    Sthalavruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is Brahma teertham and Pduma teertham.

    Brahma, Indra and all Devas took the form of ant, to hide from asuras and worshipped Siva in this place. Hence he is known as Erumbeeswarar.

    Importance: The Siva lingam is slanting to one side as though, he is giving ear to the worship of bakthas. The surface of the lingam is coarse and it is easy for the ant to move around. The linga is covered with mud and there is no abishekam here. We can see the marks of ant creeping on the lingam.

    The temple is a small hillock of 120’ height and 100 steps to reach the top. Soundarya nayaki ammanin different sanctum outside the main one. There is an old idol of the goddess kept to a side because of slight damage in it. The one in the sanctum is of same height and it is the new one replaced in the place of old goddess.

    Navukkuarasar sang hymns on Siva of this place. The other deities that we see are Sankara Narayanar, Dakshinamoorthy,and Balavinayakar. Surya is with his wife here.

  2. Thiru Nedungalam

    This is one of 275 Important Siva Devara Sthalam.
    The temple is on Trichy to Tanjore route, 4 kms, from Thuvakudi junction.

    Main Deity: Nedungalanadhar / Anithya Sunderaswarar and his consort known as Mangala nayaki / Opila nayaki. Sthala Vruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is Agasthya teertham, Sundara teertham.

    Purana says Paraskathi did meditation in this place and Siva came in the form of Kalvan. Parvathi was frightened and tried to hide, in a garden, Olimadhi cholai. Later Siva took parvathi to Kailas. There are two vimanams for the main deity here.

    Sambandhar, Sundarar and Navukkuarasar sang hymns on Siva of this place. Arunagiri nadhar sang Thirupugazh on lord Murugan.

Thiruthalyoor, Thirupalaivanam, and Thurayoor temples. Trichy.  

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  1. Thiruthalayoor: Siva temple.

    The place is on Pulivalam main road.

    Main Deity is Saptha Reeshiswarar and his consort known as Kumkumavalli amman. Sthala Vruksham is Marudha maram.

    Importance: Ravana worshipped in this place. The sthala vruksham has seen some hundred years. Vishnu is seen in this place without sanku and chakkram.

    Purana says Ravana wanted to lift kailash, at that time Siva pressed his leg thumb finger, and Ravana was unable to lift. Looking at the trouble that Ravana was undergoing, he asked him to sing and worship Siva who likes music. So Ravana plucked his head and used it as pot for veena. His nervous as strings and started reciting Samaghanam and worshipped Siva. There is one more lingam which Ravana installed and worshipped here.

  2. Perumal malai:

    This is in Thurayoor. It is known as Then Tirupathi of Trichy.
    Main Deity: Kalyana Venkatesa perumal with Sridevi and Boodevi Thayar.

    It is called as Then Tirupathi due to the familiarities. This place also looks like seven hillocks from down. Thayar sannidhi representing Alumelumangai thayar, down hill Govindharaja perumal, in lying posture and we have a village 5 kms away known as Nagalapuram. The hill is 960’and 1500 steps to reach the top hill. There is a road which is about 5 kms till the top.

    The temple was constructedby grand son of Karikala chola. The king wanted to visit Tirupathi and meditate to attain moksha. When he was in the same thought one day he heard akashvani to construct a temple on the hill here known as Venuvanam. The king started meditating here and had darshan of god as Kalyana prasanna Venkatesar.

    Importance: we see beautiful sculptures on the pillars. There leg print of the God known as perumal padam which is closed by grill. The king is kshetra balan and they give Vibuthi as prasadam here which is rare thing

  3. Thirupalaithurai:

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam. The place is about 12 kms from Trichy to N.E.

    Main Deity is known as Thiru Moolanadhar and Nithya kalyani ammai. Sthala vruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is Kollidam.

    Importance: Nithya kalyani ammai, Markendeyar, and Surya worshipped Siva in this place.

    Purana says once Markendaya did not have milk to worship god and he was worried at that time Siva blessed him and milk started pouring. That is the reason for the name palaithurai.

    Sambandhar sang hymns on Sivaof this place.

Thiru pynjeeli, Thiruvellarai, Trichy  

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  1. Thirup pyenjeeli:

    This is one of 275 important Siva Devara Sthalam. The place is about 8kms from Mannacha nallore.

    Main Deity is known as Neelakandeswarar, Jeelivana nadhar, and his consort known as Visalakshi ammai.Teertam is known as Appar teertham.
    Sthala vruksham is Jeeli, a variety of plantain tree.

    Importance: Siva appeared in the form of human being and gave food for Navakkuarasar. Vasista muni had darshan of Siva in dancing posture. Here instead of navagraha we see 9 small deepas lighted in front of Dwajasthamba.

    We see separate Yama temple outside the main temple within the compound. Inside the sanctum we see Siva and Parvathi with Muruga between them as somaskandha moortham with yama under the leg of Siva, Surya and Chandra on the top, to either side with chamaram.

    Appar, Sundarar and Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place.

  2. Thiruvellari:

    The temple is one of 108 Divaya desam. The place is about 17 kms from trichy to north.

    Main Deity is Pundarekaksha perumal and his consort known as Pankayach selvi thayar, Shenbagavalli in different sanctum. Teertham is Manikarnika, Kusa, Pushkala. Sthala Vruksham is Elandhy maram.

    Importance: There are two entrances to the temple known as Uttharayana and Dakshinana. There is one more door inside known as Nazhikettan door.

    PuranaThe story for the door is when perumal came late in the night thayar questioned him for the delay. Priority is for Goddess here. Lakshmi, Bhomadevi, Surya, Chandra, and Adiseshan worshipped god in human form. There is a pond belonging to the temple in swastik shape known as mamiar kulam. The construction is in such a way that person taking bath in a side cannot see the person who is to the other side

  3. Thiruthiya malai: Siva temple.

    The place is about 10 kms from Thiruvellari.

    Main Deity is Swayambu linga known as Eka pushpa priyanadhan and his consort known as Thaiyilum nallaval in different sanctum.Water spring is considered as teertham.

    Importance: The temple dates back to some 5000 years back. It is on a small hillock and looks like a fort. Only one flowers blooms and the main deity was worshipped with that flower and hence the name. The place is a small village and hardly people visit the place. The temple is maintained well.

Kumara Vyalore and Uthamar Koil, Trichy  

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  1. Kumara Vayalore.

    The place is about 5 kms from Uiakondan malai .

    Main Deity: is known as Adhinadha Swamy and his consort Adhinayaki Amman

    Importance: Arunagirinadhar acquired gyana in this place. With the blessings of Subramanya, Thirupugazh was sung by Arunagiri nadhar in this place. The first line of thirupugazh “muthai thiru” was hinted by Subramanaya swamy and it was continued by Arunagiri nadhar. Subramana swamy is worshipping his parents in this place. Vinayaka of this place is known as poiya vinayakar who blessed Arunagirinadhar.

  2. Iyappan temple

    The temple is near trichy court.
    Main Deity is Iyappan.

    Importance: There is no hundi in the temple. There is a letter box which says “prayer letters to God”. Anyone can write their wishes and drop it in the box. The letters will be presented before Iyappan on uthra star day of every month prayers done. There is a note near the box which says there is no charge for this. The temple is full of green plants well maintained and good path all around. Instruction boards are there with positive request.

    We see stones errected with wordings which give importance to mother quoted by great persons. Another special thing is we see small stones collected from holy rivers and holy places all over the world and each placed on small platforms. They have written the place of the stone. Everyday they do pooja to this stones also. They say having darshan of such collection of holy stones in one place will definitely remove hurdles in ones life and make them prosper. The other deities in the premises are Kanni moola Ganapthy, Sakthi- Vinayakar, Bagavathi amman and Navagraha.

  3. Uthammar Koil:
    This is one of 108 Vishnu temples known as Divya Desam..
    The place is about 6kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity: Puroshotama perumal in lying posture and Poornavalli Thayar in separate sanctum.Teertham is Kadamba teertham.

    Importance: other dieties in temple are Lakshmi Narayana perumal, Varadaraja perumal, Rama and Nammazwar. We have a separate sanctum for Brahma and as well as Saraswathi. While we go around the temple we see at the back of perumal Swayambu linga known as pichandar sannadhi in different sanctum. Vadivudai nakayi amman is seen in different sanctum. We see lakshmi , nayanar, Dasaradha linga, Chandikeswarar.

    Purana says Lord Siva to get rid of brahmahathi dosha due to the removal of brahma’s
    head. Lord Siva took the form as pichandar, and was roaming around with a bowl in his hand. At this time Poornavalli thayar gave biksha to him in his bowl and he was relieved from the dosha.

    Siva preached Gyana upadesa. The place is known as Saptha guru sthalam. Dakshina moorthy as Siva guru,Varadaraja perumal as Vishnu guru, Brahma has brahma guru, Soundarya parvathi as Sakthi guru, Dandayudha pani as gyana guru, Guru of navagraha as Deva guru, Sukra of navagraha as Asura guru.

Uryaoor temple,Trichy.  

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  1. Thiru Mukkichuram or Urayoore:

    One of 275 important Siva Devara sthalam. The place is about 2 kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity : Pancha Varneswarar and his consort known as Kanthimathi Ammai. Sthala vruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is known as Siva teertham.

    Name: Uthanga muni had darshan of Siva in five colours in one day so he is known as Pancha varneswarar. Brahma also had same kind of Lord siva’s. This shows that Siva is reason for everything.

    Importance: The temple was built by Chola King. He was a great Siva devotee. Once he went on his horse in search of a good place for constructing a Siva temple. All of a sudden the elephant started behaving weird and every one was frightened. King was unable to control and he cried loud for help from Siva, the god whom he worshipped.

    At this time a cock flew down and hit the elephant and the elephant was taken into control. Soon after this the cock disappeared near a Vilva tree. King was surprised and asked his men to dig and see near the tree. They found a Siva linga, and the king constructed a temple in the same place. The linga was installed and known as panchalingeswarar.

    Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place.
  2. Urayoore: Siva temple. Main Deity is known as Thaanthondrieswarar and his consort Kumkumavalli Amman.
  3. Thiru karkudi:

    this is one of 275 SivaDevara sthalam. The place is about 3kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity is known as Ujeeva nadhar and his consort known as Anjanakshi Ammai. One more Goddess is there known as Balambikai.
    Sthala vruksham is Vilvam. Teertham is Kudamuruti and Gyanavavi.
    Importance: The temple is on top of small hill with 100 steps to go. It looks like a small fort. This is known as Uiakondan malai. The temple is 1200 years old and belongs to pallava period.

    Markendeya worshipped Siva of this place when yama came to take his life. Siva resqued him and blessed him as chiranjeevi. It’s a belief that, one who worships Siva here will not have fear of yama.

    Navakkuarasar and Sambandhar sang hymns on Siva of this place

Ujjian Kali, Thirupattore, Utratoore, Vekkaliamman and Urayoor temple. Trichy i  

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  1. Ujjian kali amman.

    The temple is near Samayapuram temple. The place is known as Makaligudi.

    Teertham is known as Sakthi teertham.

    Importance: King Vikramaditya worshipped Kali in this place. The small brass idol which the king worshipped, is there in the temple. One unique thing about the in the temple is kali with 3 hands two hands downwards and one hand raising up with agni jwala.

  2. Thirupattoore: Siva temple.
    The temple is 21 kms from Lalgudi.

    Main Deity is Swayambu lingam known as Brahmapureeswarar and his consort Bruhan Nayaki. sthala vruksham is “Magizha maram”

    ImportanceBrahma worshipped Siva of this place. We see Brahma in separate sanctum here. The place is known as mumoorthy sthalam. There are 14 lingas in the temple worshipped, by Manduga maharishi.

  3. Utratoore: Siva temple.

    It is one of the, “Vaippu sthalam” of Siva. The place is about 28 kms from Lalgudi.
    Teertham is Brahma teertham.

    Main Deity is Sundravaneyswarar and his consort known as Akilandeswari.

    Importance: Nataraja and Sivakami ammai idol is made of one single stone. Nandhi River started from the mouth of nandhi in this temple. We see a huge nandi first and when we enter the temple to the celing, we see the devatas relating to 27 stars and 12 rasi is carved. They say the place is good for worship of stars. Inside the temple we see a well and a Nandi.

  4. Vekkaliamman: One of the Amman temples in Trichy.
    The place is known as “Urayoore.”

    Main Deity: is Vekkaliamman.

    Purana saya Queen wanted the flowers from the garden, which belongs to Thayumanavar temple. King arranged for the flowers from there. Siva was angry due to the act of King and he saw towards the dirrection of Urayoor.

    The whole village was covered with mud due to the anger of Siva. Vekkaliamman who is supposed to be the protector goddess of that palace was worried and prayed Siva to calm down. Thus, she protected the people from anger and started residing there and took care of people who come to her.

    There is no roof for the temple main sanctum. Many times they tried to put roof but they were not able to do that and it is open to air.

  5. Urayoore:

    One of 108 Vishnu temple known as Divya deasam. The place is about 2 kms from Trichy central bus stop.

    Main Deity: Azagiya Manavala perumal in standing posture and his consort Kamala valli thayar. Teertham is Kalyana teertham and Surya teertham.
    Importance: Komala Valli thayar is seen in bridal form over here. This is birth place of Thiruppanazwar, and he is seen separate sanctum here.

    Purana: King Nanda cholan found a female child fluting on lotus flower. He took the child named her Kamala valli and took care of her. Vishnu wanted to marry the princes. He appeared as a prince, in the dream of the King and asked his daughter to be married to him. Kamala Valli thayar and Manavala Perumal got married in this place