Thiru kattupalli: Agneswarar temple. Tanjavoore.  

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Thiru kattupalli: Agneswarar temple.

The place Melai Thirukattupalli is about 15 kms west of Thiruvayaaru to Kallanai route, on the south bank of River Kudamurutti. This is one of the Siva Devara Sthalams.

The Main Raja Gopuram of the temple is of seven tiers and three prakarams.

As we enter inside we see Dwajasthambam. As we go around the prakaram we see Vinayakar santum.

Sthala Vruksham is Vanni and Vilvam.

Teertham are Soorya teertham, Agni teertham in the form of well, River Cauveri and River Kudamurutti.

Main Deity here is Swayambu Lingam known as Agneeswarar and his consort here known as Soundara Nayaki / Azhagamar Mangai.

Ambaal sanctum is seen facing south and here Goddess is seen in standing posture. We get to see dwarabalaki to either sides of the entrance.

In the inner prakaram other deities, we see are Vinayakar, Lingothbavar next to Vinayakar is seen in sanctum. Usually he is seen as Koshta Moorthy but here it is unusual. Ardhanareeswarar is seen beside Lingothbavar. We get to see Arumugan with his consort Valli and Devanai. Kasi Viswanadhar, Visalakshi, Gaja Lakshmi, and Durga sanctum are there. Here in mandapam of the temple we see Bairavar and Nalwar. All Grahas are seen facing Sooryan, in the Navagraha sanctum of the temple.

Thirumaal, Brahman, Sooryan, Agni, Bageeradhan and queen of Urayoor worshiped Lord Siva here and were blessed by Him.

Sthala Purana says the King gave the flowers to his two Queens which was brought from Urayoor Garden by his servants. The elder one of the two Queens used to worship Lord Siva with the flowers given to her. The younger one used to use the flower for herself. At the time when Urayoor was completely destroyed by the natural calamity of sand storm, this place Thirukattupalli where elder Queen resided was safe.

Thiru Gyana Sambandhar and Thiru Navukkarasar sung Hymns on Lord Siva of this temple.

Stone inscriptions of Sundara Pandyan and Konerinmai Kondan period are seen in the temple. Inscriptions refer Ambaal as Azhagar Mangai. The temple was renovated by King First Aditya Cholan

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